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Pla-stick Repair


Pla-stick Epoxy is resilient epoxy putty that will bond to all major types of rigid plastic, except polyolefines. It can be moulded to shape, and wrapped around or built up to repair items such as plastic vehicle trim , bumpers, headlights, car interior plastic, appliance housings, tanks and pipes.



Plastic Epoxy is a hand knead able epoxy putty supplied as a two-part concentrate stick of pale lilac and white colours; when mixed it sets to a hard, white material which can be drilled, sawn, filed or sanded and painted as required.



Directions for Use

1. In order to achieve optimum adhesion, surfaces should be cleaned free of grease, dirt, paint etc, and should by dry. To ensure a good bond, abrade both surfaces followed by additional cleaning.

2. Twist or cut off the required amount of Plastic Epoxy.

3. If the material is cold mixing may be difficult, and warming to room temperature is advised.

4. To mix, knead the putty with the fingers for at least one minute or until it is a uniform white colour.

5. Press the putty onto the prepared surface within 2 minutes of mixing.

6.1 If it us being used as an adhesive, force some putty against each of the two surfaces to be joined, before pressing the faces together, and support the joint as necessary.

6.2 If it is being used as a filler/repair material force the putty into the area to be filled, and shape and strike off any ex­cess with a tool wetted with clean water.

7. For a smooth appearance rub with water or a damp cloth within the working life of the putty.

8. After 30-45 minutes the putty will harden, and start to form a tenacious bond. After 2-3 hours the material is suf­ficiently cured to be drilled, sawn, or sanded and painted, and it will achieve full cure after 36 hours.


Technical Data

Working life 20 minutes at 20oC

Shore D hardness 65

Lap shear strength on PVC 2.4MN/m²

Temperature limitations 120oC continuous, 150oC intermittent

Electrical resistance 30,000 megohms

Dielectric strength 300 volts/mil

Compressive strength 65MN/m2

Chemical resistance Resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols, esters, halocarbons, aqueous salt solutions and dilute acids and





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